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Kal Online Server

20.09.2010 (16:04)
Because GM pc crashed and server was 24h offline,
will be an exp event.
HF 24h, gogo

18.09.2010 (15:38)
Grade 41 type animal added.
If you have any idea contact with us.

17.09.2010 (23:08)
New item: Bead of Fire added.
Effect BOF added too.
Have fun with new upgrade armour.

16.09.2010 (20:30)
New item in KalShop
Name Scroll - take a look.

16.09.2010 (17:32)
75 level skills added.
It based on international skills and needed 3rd job.
Reborn system changed. Now it giving much more.
Have fun & GoGo

16.09.2010 (17:28)
Event: "Bests on Top of Games"
If we`ll have got 1st place at this ranking
Exp event will be on, for 24 hours.

15.09.2010 (22:08)
Third Job 75 level skills procentage done: 80%
Untill players will have 75, it will be done

15.09.2010 (21:55)

Poison Cloud & Arrow Rain & Arrow Explosion
bug fixed, now you can have fun at 3rd job party.

13.09.2010 (20:01)
"Test of Inteligence" will be added to
registration point. Only Pro's players can play
this server.

13.09.2010 (19:57)

Because server was long offline cause much problems,
players got reward - exp event 6h

12.09.2010 (09:54)
First castle war will be today at 20:00 PL/GER time.
Winners got Hazard Tickets.

12.09.2010 (08:44)

3rd Job Quest fixed
Have fun with new skills on 70 level

11.09.2010 (23:02)
Essence of Undead added.
Now it drop at Tower of Priest F1-F9
This is needed to enter to Valley of Devah. 

11.09.2010 (20:57)
Server Started.
More info about server

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